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Join The Growing Band Of Liberated Traders Who’ve Stopped Feeding ‘The Beast’ By Stepping Into Their Sovereign Power As Private Men And Women

If you’re ready to leave the system, we have the tools you need to make it happen.


You’ve had enough of the corporate slave system and you’re ready to stand in your own sovereignty.




There’s lots of pitfalls, roadblocks and other traps deliberately set in place to stop you and put you firmly back in your place.


But don’t worry, that’s where we come in…


We’ll teach you exactly where the traps are and how to avoid them.


Show you all the steps to exit the system safely and successfully.


Your membership area awaits with all the education, tools, mentoring and help you need to:


  • Operate your business ‘in the private’ and outside the system.


  • Lawfully avoid paying taxes, fines, fees and dues demanded by the government, local government and other corporations.


  • Regain your sovereignty. Live a life enshrining our core principles of truth and equity.


  • Network with likeminded people and deal with them as much as possible. (So you can deal with large corporations as little as possible).


  • Learn all the exit strategies to escape the matrix, stop feeding the beast and finally step into your power as a living breathing wo/man.


  • Gain the knowledge to set up private member’s associations correctly. Learn to manage debt and legacy planning outside the system.


  • And so much more!


You have four membership options… 


All take you to the same destination but some give you more help from us. If you need extra mentoring or even a fully done for you service, it’s all here. 


Your 4 options are…


Option 1 - You’ll get access to the membership site containing all the information you need to finally escape the matrix.


Learn how to operate outside the system, set up private member’s clubs, overcome unjust government mandates and taxes the right way.


Written and video content and tutorials will teach you to confidently step into the private and take back your sovereignty. 


Your investment - less than a decent cup of coffee - just $2 per month.


Option 2 - All the above plus access to our professionally made templates to set up private member’s clubs, estate planning, contest fines and taxes and so much more.


Save a fortune on solicitor’s fees…just pick the template you need, fill in your details and the job’s done.


You’ll also get the option of premium 1-2-1 training sessions (for a reasonable extra fee). Expert help’s on hand if you need it, giving you peace of mind.


Your investment - just $20 per month.


Option 3 - Here you’ll get all the above with one premium 1-2-1 session included. Have peace of mind knowing you can talk to our experts every month. 


Ideal if you’re less confident and need an expert guide standing by, ready to help you on your path to freedom


Your investment - just $50 per month. 


(By the way, this free session every month more than repays the extra cost over Option 2).


Option 4 - Your ultimate freedom package where we do it all...


Just imagine relaxing and getting on with your life while we set everything up for you.


Avoiding taxes and fines, private member’s associations, regaining your personal sovereignty, dealing with the government, it’s all done for you!


Ideal for those with hectic lives and little spare time. Or those who want freedom without the hassle.


Your investment - just $200 per month.


And don’t forget, whichever package you choose, you’ll get access to our network of Liberated Traders. Chat to likeminded business people whenever you want. 


Just one deal made with a likeminded trader could easily pay an entire year’s subscription!


Ready to join our growing community of Liberated Traders?


Then click the button below…


You’ll be taken to a page where you’ll pick the option that suits you best.


Give us some brief details (to help us serve you better).


Then select your payment option and that’s it.


You can be inside the membership area, learning your first freedom tactics in under 5 minutes.


See you on the inside…

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