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The Existing System

You are victim to the biggest FRAUD in human history

Did you know you have a strawman?

Your strawman is a legal fiction created by the Government in order to tax you, send you fines and court costs.

The Government is a Corporation, and as such, can’t own or contract with a living Man or Woman. So, when you were born, and the birth was registered (reg = regal = Crown Corporation) they created a legal fiction by using your given and family names, and CAPITALISING it. (Did you ever notice how fines, taxes and court notices have your name in capitals?).

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You have the ability to take back your power as a free Man or Woman

Everything you believe about the power our Government has over us is false. The Common Law is above our Government and statute law, and with enough of us on board, we can take that power back.

First there was the Creator, then Common Law which stands above Man and Woman*. Then Man and Woman created the Government to govern the services provided to Man and Woman. Then below Government (service providers) there is Corporations.

In 1666, our Government became a Corporation. Every dealing you have with the Government is a contract with your legal fiction (strawman), not YOU.


This Corporation was established in order to tax the people as much as it possibly can.

*Please excuse the use of gender, Common Law is hundreds of years old.


In common law, the laws are simple

1) Cause no harm, loss, or damage to another living soul or their property

2) Be honourable in all your dealings

Everything else is Contract, Trust, and Equity Law.

Because the Crown Corporation cannot lawfully steal from you under common law (ie extort taxes, fines and court costs), they make a legal fiction from your name and contract with that legal fiction.

If you go to court and they say ‘Please confirm you are MR/MRS/MISS/MASTER’ and your name, if you say ‘yes’ you are contracting with them to take the punishment or fine that they are imposing on your legal fiction. But you don’t have to accept that position in the trust.

They have created a language called ‘legalese’ and that is to trick you into consenting. By saying ‘yes’ you are legally consenting, and agreeing to be under their authority. Police Officers work for the Corporation, and if they ask you your name and you give it to them, you are consenting to their authority over you. You have made a contract. In Law, Police Officers have no more power over you than a waiter, unless you consent.


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