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Liberated Traders PMA



I hereby declare that I am a man/woman of flesh and blood, heart and soul. I stand under natural and common laws and rules of equity, shared by all, owned by none and superior to all others.


I, to the best of my growing ability, my personal commitment to myself and other participants and members of the Liberated Traders Association, that I am ready and willing to commit and to participate in the Liberated Traders Association, their projects and enterprises, and to live the peaceful, harmonious, collaborative, orientation through life, without competition or rivalry.


My personal undertaking to myself

I declare my commitment to my own personal spiritual learning and development, seeking to fully love myself and my neighbour, to be at peace with my fellow wo/man, not harming or injuring them or their property, truly seeking to live in peace and harmony with each other.


I accept that to find equity one must do equity.


I further commit to my growing ability to do what I would truly love to do, being

fully responsible for myself and my actions, loving myself and so selflessly serving others

and honouring my own suveran sentient rights, freedom and privacy.


My Commitment to the Liberated Traders Association

I declare that I will apply myself to embodying my intents and precepts for the national, regional and local assemblies and to apply myself as a participant in the community, remaining true to my present way of being and my truth and to move through challenges into greater knowing and empowerment, for the benefit of all, not giving any importance to nationality, ethnicity, gender, creed and religious ceremony, nor injuring nor damaging my fellow wo/man, and so peacefully and harmoniously loving and living the new life.


My Privacy and that of Others

I acknowledge that the Liberated Traders Association participants and members have certain private information in the form of both spoken and written information related to their operations and their private and intellectual property, which may be made known and available to me from time to time during my membership and participation.


All private information will be referred to as private information and will be confirmed as such, in the form of verbal or written communication, and will be noted as such on documentation or other forms of media.


I comprehend that private information may be shared between appropriately known participants and members on a “need to know” basis, and hereby agree to keep private and not disclose any private information, relating to the Liberated Traders Association participants and members, its projects, or endeavours. This promise is to be kept at any time or by any method whether it be verbal, written, electronic, or in any other form, and as may be arbitrarily deemed necessary in natural law, so exercising my suveran right to privacy.


I make this declaration to my higher being and in accepting the unity of all life on earth. I also make this declaration to all the other participants and members in the Liberated Traders Association and would like to provide community services in its formation:


[Note: Print all names clearly in private “Title Case”. Do not use PUBLIC CAPITAL letters]

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