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Newbies Zoom Presentation Links

Within the newbies zoom presentation, trina-jean provides lots of references - the links are here:

Download Slide Show

Newbies Zooms

Every Monday we do a Zoom Call for Newbies, all are welcome to join. We share a presentation followed by a live Q & A:


Meeting ID: 816 6249 5912

Passcode: 462502

Also, there is a new common law beginners chat group on TG - not for advice, just for sharing information and bouncing ideas and comprehension around:

And you thought slavery was abolished

Join our Empowering Communities Learning Platform

Join our Common Law for Small Businesses Group Chat on telegram here

Access materials, information and sign up for networking here

To learn about Common Law, join our Common Law Beginners group on Telegram here READ ONLY GROUP

Become a lawful observer

Diffusing the Debt Bomb and Lien Machine

Workers of England (Also covers Wales and Scotland) - Trade Union that will help with mask wearing, testing and vaccination being forced on employees and contractors

Putting a stopper in the bottle of death - gary of the family fraughen

The Wealth Guardian - 14 hour course on setting up and administering your own private trust, plus a years support and other resources

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